Coenco & Krones Nordic : Empowering Scandinavian Breweries

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Coenco Partners with Krones Nordic to Empower Scandinavia’s Brewing Evolution

The Scandinavian brewing landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation. Craft breweries are experiencing tremendous growth, and many are poised to take the next step towards professionalization. Established industrial breweries are also recognizing the value of incorporating small-scale, high-performance equipment into their operations. In this evolving environment, quality is becoming an ever-more critical differentiator.

At Coenco, we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Krones Nordic ApS to address these evolving needs and empower breweries of all sizes. This collaboration brings together Coenco’s two decades of expertise in small-scale brewing equipment with Krones Nordic’s extensive experience in large-scale solutions.

A Partnership for Growth and Optimization

Krones Nordic, the Scandinavian arm of the world-renowned Krones Group, boasts over four decades of expertise. They excel in installing and servicing top-tier brewing equipment, including Steinecker solutions ideal for large-scale production.

Coenco, with over 25 years of experience extending beyond Belgium, offers exceptional knowledge in crafting equipment for smaller-scale operations. Our focus on microbreweries, brewpubs, and pilot plants caters perfectly to breweries looking to elevate their production capabilities and explore new possibilities.

Synergy that Fuels Success

This partnership creates a powerful force for Scandinavian brewers. Both companies maintain their independence and unique strengths, ensuring a continued focus on exceptional customer service. However, by joining forces, we can now offer a more comprehensive solution that empowers breweries at every stage of their journey:

  • Craft breweries: As you look to scale up your operations and enhance your brewing process, Coenco can provide the high-performance, innovative equipment you need to take your production to the next level.
  • Established industrial breweries: Explore the world of small-scale brewing with Coenco’s solutions, allowing you to experiment with niche markets or tailor production to specific demands.

Quality is Paramount

As the focus on quality intensifies, this partnership ensures that Scandinavian brewers have access to the finest brewing technology, regardless of their size or production goals. By combining Coenco’s agility and expertise in small-scale brewing with Krones Nordic’s established reputation for large-scale solutions, we are committed to providing brewers with the tools they need to excel in this competitive market.

Contact Coenco Today

We invite you to contact us today to discuss your brewing goals and explore how this exciting partnership can empower your success in the evolving Scandinavian brewing landscape. Together with Krones Nordic, we are here to support your journey towards brewing excellence.

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