Brasserie Grain d’Orge – 20 hl

The “Grain d’orge” brewery is a family brewery founded in 2002 by Benoît and Viviane Johnen. It is located in the village of Hombourg, close to the border triangle. The production of the brewery has increased year after year since its foundation and reached a volume of 4000Hl of beer in 2016.
The main beers are Brice, Joup, Canaille, Grelotte, The Pom, Triple, Double and Pure d’Aubel. In addition to these beers, there are other beers, the “tailor-made beers”. These are made for small quantities or special events.
The combination of natural ingredients and spices makes the beers of Grain d’Orge unique, and a spacious brewing hall which meets the standards imposed by the AFSCA guarantees their quality.


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