Le Tailleur de Bière – La Tuf craftbeer – 5 hl

Renaud Hecq, a stonemason by trade, is also passionate about the beer-making process. This as well as in July 2019, he went to the end of his desire, creating the Brasserie “Le Tailleur de Bière”.
Accompanied by a team of experienced masons, Renaud oversaw the restoration of part of the building of the Lou Calen Hotel for 9 months. He now brews weekly in this magical place.
The brasserie is also a place of life and meetings where you can taste beers on a pretty shaded terrace or in the upstairs room heated by a charming wood stove.
Each week are offered events that punctuate the life of the bar and its customers: concerts, DJ sets, musical blind tests, darts / table football tournaments, karaoke evenings …
Groups and associations can organize their own events there and have a good time.


Website: latufcraftbeer.com
Facebook: facebook.com/latufcraftbeer

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