Brasserie Marsinne – Léopold 7 – 20 hl

Nicolas Declercq and Tanguy van der Eecken started their adventure in 2013. Their plan? To recreate a brewery in the impressive Marsinne farm and country house in the Hesbaye village of Couthuin. From the very beginning, beyond the pair’s passion for malt and hops, the project adopted a sustainable dimension. A brewery, yes, but a fair, responsible and equitable one!
Léopold 7 ?
A little known fact is that a brewery already existed on the site around the mid 19th century. Legend has it that it was run by a certain Léopold. It was clear what the name for the product should be to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.
As for the number 7, it’s simple! Our beers are made from 7 ingredients: three types of cereals (two malts and one wheat), and three types of hops (two aromatic and one bitter). The seventh ingredient is what we call the Léopold touch: an unconventional aromatic bouquet that gives our beers their characteristic flavour.


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