La Brasserie d’Ay – 5 hl

The town of Ay-sur-Moselle is behind the creation of the microbrewery bearing the name of the village.
Wishing to revive its brewing past, the municipality embarked on this project at the end of 2012. Feasibility studies were carried out and demonstrated the economic interest of this project for the commune. From then on, a working group made up of beer enthusiasts started looking for the best placed equipment suppliers in terms of quality and price. Visits to specialist suppliers were made at regional conferences and then a few establishments were visited. Coenco was finally chosen for the quality of its products, its costs and its after-sales service.
In parallel, the working group meets every month to discuss various points concerning future facilities, products, bottles, labels, the website etc. …..
The Brasserie d’Ay has been in operation since May 2015.






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