Les Brasseurs – 10 hl

The story of Les Brasseurs goes back to 1997, when four friends with complementary knowledge and skills decided to create microbreweries in French-speaking Switzerland.

The concept is simple: produce old-fashioned, top-fermented beers on site, in front of the customers, in a specially created setting. Les Brasseurs emphasise the love of the brewer’s craft and the artisanal product, beers with nostalgic flavours and a sense of conviviality!

Present in Geneva (1997), Lausanne (2000), Nyon (2001), Neuchâtel (2007) and Sion (2015), every Les Brasseurs restaurant opens the door to a new experience.

Website: www.les-brasseurs.ch/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Les.Brasseurs.Suisse/

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