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Krones SA and Coenco BV are pleased to announce their partnership in Belgium and France from September 1, 2022 on.

The brewing industry is in constant change. Every day, new breweries are founded. Microbreweries grow into large production breweries, while large breweries invest more and more in craft and local production on a smaller scale.

To respond to these different trends, Krones SA and Coenco BV join forces in France and Belgium.

Krones SA, active in Belgium and France for more than 30 years, installs, among others, Steinecker brewing equipment with a production capacity starting from 25 Hl.

Coenco BV, active in Belgium and France for more than 20 years, is also a manufacturer and installer of brewing equipment up to 25 Hl and specializes in microbreweries, brewpubs and pilot plants.

The complementarity of the product ranges seemed obvious and led to a partnership between the two companies while maintaining their own identity and an independent approach to their customers.

Krones SA and Coenco BV are able to offer together the appropriate equipment and solutions, and this from the starting professional brewer to the experienced brewer.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your service for all your questions.



Stéphane Detry                                                                               Michael Catrysse & Amaury Ampe

Krones SA                                                                                       Coenco BV

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