Abbaye De Saint-Wandrille – 10 hl

The Abbaye of Saint-Wandrille-Rançon (dept. Seine Maritime) is the first abbey in France since the French Revolution to brew beer within its confinements. The benedictine monks perform this on a hardly automated stainless steel 10hl brewhouse; a deliberate choice, explains brewmaster Friar Mathieu: “the manual handling brings us closer to the product. The beer is steered through our hands, not through a few mouse clicks.”

The beer is fermented and stored in 4 20 hl. cylindroconical tanks. A Cime Careddu 9/8/1 bottling machine and labeller top up the lay-out. The annual production of 650 to 700 hl is sold in the abbey’s shop, in other abbeys’ outlets in France, and through a few local beverage distributors.

“CoEnCo were able to present us a feasible solution, requiring a minimal rebuild for a maximal production.”

Fitting an industrial apparatus in a monastery is a delicate job. “Our production space is limited”, Friar Mathieu goes on, “CoEnCo were able to present us a feasible solution requiring a minimal rebuild for a maximal production. On top of that, they had a consideration for the special needs associated with our life style and daily rhythm.”



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