Amelander bierbrouwerij

Amelander bierbrouwerij is a small, traditional brewery. This means that they do not intervene before and during the brewing process. The Amelander tap water is also not adjusted prior to the brewing process. As a result, beers from different brewing dates may have some differences in flavour. Nevertheless, they strive to keep the product as consistent as possible in terms of taste, aroma and colour.


Until summer 2011 they produced about 75 litres of beer per brewing session. Then they got a new brewing installation (up to 240 litres) and two ca. 300 litre and four 240 litre fermentation tanks. This increase in scale was necessary because in the summer they quickly run out of the stock they had built up during the winter.

Therefore, the principle of “gone is gone” really applies to them. They do their utmost to have as much beer as possible in stock, but it can sometimes happen that a type of beer is temporarily not available.


Since this year they have made a beautiful warehouse on the site, where they have put a 1000 litre brewing installation behind three huge windows. This way everyone can see the brewer at work and, if he is not working in the brewery, see the equipment.






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