Bourgogne Des Flandres – 10 hl

In 2015, after 60 years, Anthony Martin brought Bourgogne des Flandres back to its native city of Bruges, in a historical building along the canals. The brewhouse in the attic, boasting a splendid vista of the old town, has become a touristic attraction in its own right. The beer is fermented in 2 open vessels on the 2nd floor, then matures in 4 tanks on the ground floor.

You will find a happy brewmaster Thomas Vandelanotte working the copper-clad 10 hl brewhouse almost on a daily basis:

“To me, above all, it proves to be a very user friendly equipment giving me the flexibility to play with volumes. CoEnCo help me out straight away with any questions or problems, and personal adjustments were never an issue when building up the plant.”

The brewery’s pub welcomes visitors for a snack and a Bourgogne des Flandres – or any of the other beers in John Martin’s generous range. The shop sells beer as well as various gadgets.






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