Brouwerij Pirlot – 10 hl

In the mid-80s, Guy Pirlot started his hobby in his mother’s kitchen. A large 10-litre pot and a thermometer were his main tools. A tasty, solid blonde was his goal. The Tripel that repeatedly poured out of the brew kettle was weighed by friends and acquaintances and each time a new, adjusted brew followed. Meanwhile, this miraculous transformation of water, malt and hops into BEER took place in a slightly larger installation: a 50 litre copper boiler that he himself had converted.

In the course of time, the brewer was increasingly beaten by his surroundings with statements such as: “Wow, you should do more with that” or “Why don’t you sell that divine stuff” or “Why don’t you start a brewery”…. Finally, they managed to convince him to let a larger public taste the beer. In 1998, the necessary paperwork was completed and…

A new commercial hobby brewery was born.


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