Carrefour/Silly – 5 hl

At the end of December 2015 Brasserie de Silly opened a microbrewery at the Carrefour supermarket in Mons, part of the Grands Prés shopping centre. The company has introduced a new store concept that showcases products made on-site: roast coffee, lunches, dinners, pizzas… The microbrewery enables Brasserie de Silly to get closer to its customers, who will also be able to see the local Chambourlette beer being brewed on-site. The beer’s name is a reference to non-citizens of Mons invited to the famous local festival: La Ducasse de Mons, more affectionately known as, Le Doudou. Chambourlette is a re-fermented blonde beer with an alcohol content of 6%, slightly hopped with a delicate taste. It is brewed with Belgian aromatic malts, amongst others. Chambourlette is easy to drink, full in the mouth but with a pleasant bitterness.


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