La ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean – 10 hl

The soldiers who fought at the battle of Waterloo in 1815 all had a common enemy:
the bacteria living in drinking water. That’s why the local brewers became valuable allies since they allowed soldiers from both parties to hydrate with dark top-fermented beer.
This beer was named Waterloo in honour of the victorious Duke of Wellington, the Prince of Waterloo.

On the occasion of the battle’s bicentenary in June 2015, the local autorities approved a project to renovate the strategic location of Mont-Saint-Jean Farm by supporting John Martin Brewery’s project to take up the challenge.

Anthony Martin and his team saw a golden opportunity to pay tribute to the armies who fought at this site and decided to brew Waterloo Beer, the Beer of Bravery on this location.
By entering into partnership with Adrien Desclée, who had relaunched this beverage a few years earlier, they joined forces to give new impetus to this beer which had given all those men the courage to risk their lives on the battlefield.

Proud of the product’s rich history, they enlisted the help of master brewer Willem Van Herreweghen to acquire the original know-how and recipe dating back to 1456.



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